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Cubic Zirconia Beads

    Zirconia Beads

    Dazzle with Decadence

    During the 1970s, as the demand for diamonds surged, the jewellery industry began exploring alternatives. Cubic zirconia, initially developed for the laser industry, only revealed its potential in the early 1980s: it remarkably resembles diamonds. Today, cubic zirconia is employed in jewellery around the world, offering the opulent appearance of diamonds without the hefty price tag.

    Cubic zirconia stands as the most flawless simulated diamond, comprised of zirconium oxide powders, magnesium, and calcium. While it is slightly denser than a diamond, it falls just short in terms of hardness. Cubic zirconia can be cut into the same shapes as diamonds. However, when observing a cubic zirconia, you'll notice more vivid flashes of color reflecting from the stone compared to a diamond.

    Our glass beads with zirconia are meticulously handcrafted and intricately designed. After heating the red-hot glass over the flame, a thin layer of glass is created on the mandrel, onto which the zirconia is delicately placed. Once all the zirconia is in position, a layer of clear glass is rolled over the top, enclosing the exquisite stones within. By using clear glass on top, you can still appreciate the zirconia and experience the captivating way the sunlight dances and reflects within the zirconia, imparting a stunning shine and a unique life that glistens from every angle.