Welcome to the magical world of Trollbeads - an extraordinary universe of shapes, colours, creativity and play.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a jewellery brand, but a unique lifestyle. Our mission is to empower you to encapsulate precious moments, memories and connections in a small piece of art, allowing you to carry them with you wherever you go.

Each piece in our collection has a story to tell and is handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen and women. From design to the creation, each step requires precision and unwavering patience.

Every story has a bead... so, start your story today.

Your Story, Your Style

Trollbeads invented the world’s first and finest bead-on-bracelet concept which allows women and men to customise their jewellery to fit their taste, personality, memories, and stories. Every piece of jewellery created can be taken apart and repeatedly reinvented with a completely different look, by using new combinations. It’s creative. It’s playful. It’s unique. It’s you.

Step 1: Choose your canvas

Would you like to create a bracelet, bangle, necklace, ring or earrings? All of these can be decorated with our beads and in turn, become unique & personal items of jewellery that you’ve designed.

Step 2: Choose your beads

Are you celebrating a milestone in your life? Do you want to keep the memory of an experience or a loved one close? Or do you simply love the colour or design? Choose the beads that best symbolise you and your individuality.

Step 3: Choose your clasp or spacer

A bracelet or necklace requires a clasp for fastening, and a safety chain for complete peace of mind. If you’re designing a bangle, make sure you choose two spacers - these will keep your beads secure.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

More than 90 designers have contributed to the Trollbeads collection over the years, using superior skills and the highest quality materials. They never run out of ideas
and are always working on the next big thing.