Trollbeads lets you tell a story about yourself, a relationship or a moment in time. Personalise your jewellery and show the things you care about. The pieces on this page have a theme of "Protection", and each bead or clasp tells a little story with this in mind.

    If you have a loved one that you want to show concern for, and wrap them in a protective shield or remind them to take care of themselves, you might find the perfect and thoughtful gift for them here.

    The beads can be worn on bracelets, rings and necklaces, and you can change your jewellery as you please with no need for special tools. Browse jewellery in beautiful colours, both in glass or gemstones, and in sterling silver. Each piece is made with great care and is hand-finished.

    Mix & match

    For the ultimate story, mix & match two themes for the ultimate power move.

    Our gold bangle features beads from our Hope & New Beginnings themed collection, which we've paired with a silver bangle from our Protection collection.

    Wear both... and let your inner superhero out!

    Nature's Wonders

    Precious gemstones. One of the earth’s most magnificent creations.

    Born under enormous pressure since the dawn of time, these pieces of raw rocks are dug out of the deepest recesses of the earth and made into exquisite pieces of timeless and beautiful jewellery.

    Browse all gemstones