Fresh Beginnings

In life, fresh beginnings are the uplifting notes that compose the melody of our journey. Like a fresh breeze, they invite us to cherish the beauty of starting anew. Embracing change is an acknowledgement that each beginning holds the promise of growth and untapped potential.

Discover our stunning designs that capture the essence of a fresh beginning – the magic of evolving, growing, and creating a life rich with possibilities. Our collection goes beyond accessories; they're expressions of your unique journey.

Fresh Beginnings Bracelet

The Sterling Silver Bracelet is elegantly paired with the Clasp of New Beginnings, symbolising the start of a new chapter, while the Enchanted Rose Garden Bead serves as a reminder that just like a rose, with dedicated care, one can flourish and thrive, finding strength and resilience amidst challenges, embodying the essence of fresh beginnings.

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Fresh Beginnings Kit

A collection of three enchanting beads symbolising new chapters, resilience, and growth. Each bead carries a unique essence, inspiring you to embark on a journey of positive transformation and embrace the beauty of fresh beginnings. The kit consists of the Fresh Beginnings, Northern Lights Magic and Positive Change beads.

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    Fresh Beginnings

    Shop these pieces to adorn yourself with symbols of fresh starts, or to gift someone special, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

    Magical Colours

    Our glass beads are made from the finest Italian Murano glass in an open flame, which adds vibrant colour, lightness and memories to your bracelet, bangle, necklace & rings.

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