Nurtured Connections

Paint your life with optimism like a field of blooming tulips.

Step into the enchanting world of our new Spring Collection, where life unfolds like a captivating garden.


Leather Cord Bracelet

A new addition to the Trollbeads collection, giving you yet another way to wear your beads proudly. 


    Nurtured Connections

    Find jewellery that reminds you of the beauty that blooms when you cultivate growth and nurture lasting bonds.


    Love Source Bead

    Remember to nurture your passions, relationships and dreams.

    Life is a captivating garden, a tapestry of experiences waiting to be nurtured.

    Each bead within this collection is a tiny masterpiece, meticulously crafted to symbolise the inherent beauty that blossoms when we cultivate growth and cherish extraordinary connections. Just as a garden flourishes under tender care and attention, so too can our lives bloom with the love and care we nurture within them.

    Among the highlights of this collection are the new connectors, delicately designed to act as bridges between two beads, as well as the Fossilised Wood and Shell beads. Fossilised Wood offers grounding and peace, while the Fossilised Shell bead provides a glimpse into Earth's ancient oceans. Additionally, we are unveiling the latest member of the Trollbeads family: the Leather Cord Bracelet, a versatile and timeless option to complement any ensemble.

    Join us in celebrating the journey of life, where every moment is adorned with the splendour of connection and growth.


    World-class Craftsmanship

    As craftsmen, we seek to create jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality, so that our work is considered the standard of excellence.

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