The beginning of your story...

Trollbeads invented the world’s first and finest bead-on-bracelet concept which allows women and men to customise their jewellery to fit their tastes, personalities, memories, and stories. Every piece of jewellery created can be taken apart and repeatedly reinvented with a completely different look, by using new combinations.

The foxtail bracelet is at the heart of the Trollbeads collection. Beautifully engineered to be one of the most flexible bracelets you will ever wear.

You can create a new piece of jewellery starting with the foxtail bracelet and introducing beads & a clasp... or you can choose a "finished" bracelet, that already has a clasp & beads. The possibilities are endless... but the end result will always be as unique as you are.

Bracelets without a Clasp

The foxtail chain is the start of every story. Choose from either Sterling Silver or 14k Gold. Next, you will need to choose your size - the sizes listed include the clasp when it will be secured. For instance, if you choose the 18 cm bracelet, the actual length is 16 cm, because when the clasp is attached, the total bracelet length becomes 18 cm. Secure your bracelet with a stunningly detailed clasp, and decorate with beads of your choice.

Bracelets with a Clasp

For ease, we have created bracelets that are secured with a hugely popular clasp, saving you some time. All you will need to do is choose your size. The size listed includes the clasp. 

Designer Bracelets

The designer bracelets feature our iconic foxtail chain and never-before-seen pieces that cannot be found elsewhere! Only those who are lucky enough to own one get to enjoy its limited-edition beads and clasp. At a VERY exclusive price, it is the perfect way to 'start your story' or help someone else start theirs...

Leather Bracelets without Clasps

The leather bracelet was introduced into the collection in 2010 and has become hugely popular with our customers. There are two types of leather bracelets. A single leather bracelet, which can carry up to fifteen beads and doesn't require a clasp... it's simply tied to secure. The second type of leather bracelet requires a clasp and can be styled in hundreds of ways. Let your imagination run wild...

World-class Craftsmanship

As craftsmen, we seek to create jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality, so that our work is considered the standard of excellence.