Music to your Ears

The Earring Collection

Small details can have a significant impact. Craft a distinctive style with Trollbeads earrings. Within our collection, you'll discover both extravagant and understated jewellery, featuring earring studs and hooks for various occasions, including wedding earrings and everyday wear.

Explore many design possibilities by mixing and matching earring pendants with earring hooks, allowing you to curate a stunning collection of earrings suitable for any event. Share your unique story and enhance your facial features with these miniature masterpieces.



    Adorn your ears with our ready-to-wear earrings... or create your own! Simply select a pair of earring hooks and start mixing and matching earring drops - now you can wear a new pair every day to suit your mood... and outfit!

    Earring Pendants

    Use your earring hooks as the canvas and decorate them with our colourful and highly detailed earring pendants. Switch then up each day to suit your mood... and your outfit!

    Earring Studs

    Trollbeads stud earrings offer a touch of elegance and personal flair, combining Danish craftsmanship with stunning charm. These understated yet stylish earrings are perfect for expressing individuality and celebrating moments.

    Trollbeads Earrings that Always Dangle Delight!

    Trollbeads opens up a world of endless creative possibilities, tailored especially for you. Our selection includes stud earrings, and for those who love the "bead-on-bracelet" concept, we offer hook earrings that allow you to switch between various earring hook designs. Each design offers a canvas for your personal story, capturing meaningful moments or reflecting the philosophy you hold dear. Your earrings become a canvas for your unique personality and narrative.

    The enchanting realm of Trollbeads beckons you to unleash your full creative potential, offering inspiration and a canvas for your artistic expression. You can wear the earring hook designs upside down or even combine multiple designs on a single earring hook to craft a completely distinctive look that mirrors your individuality.

    Trollbeads provides a range of earrings, including 18K gold and sterling silver options, each boasting original and captivating designs. Whether you fancy pearl earrings or desire the allure of diamonds, gemstones, or glass, you've come to the perfect destination.

    Pair your earrings with a stunning bracelet and complement your outfit with your favourite beads in a matching design. Our collection boasts a wide array of unique natural gemstones, silver and gold beads, and more to perfectly coordinate with your earring designs.