Playful Porcelain

Porcelain Beads

    Porcelain Beads

    These one-of-a-kind beads are handcrafted and then individually painted in stunning colours and patterns.

    When Porcelain meets Playful

    The ancient tradition of porcelain painting finds its origins in China, where true, durable white porcelain was first created. Porcelain possesses a hardness, compactness, and fine-grained texture that resists even the sharpest knife.

    In China, it is a customary practice to adorn porcelain with depictions of everyday life, celebrating aspects often overlooked. The subjects of these artworks frequently feature vegetables and fruits like cabbage, chilli, peaches, and corn, many of which carry symbolic meanings.

    Crafting porcelain Trollbeads is a multifaceted process. They begin as a thick, liquid mixture primarily composed of kaolin. This substance is moulded, fired, glazed, and subsequently hand-painted. The porcelain bead undergoes another round of firing and glazing. Precise preparation is vital, as the bead contracts with each trip through the furnace. Although the process is intricate and demanding, the results are truly remarkable.

    This artistry is nothing short of exquisite, and our porcelain designers in Jingdezhen, China, are true masters of their trade. They have honed not only their techniques but also their choice of motifs for painting on porcelain beads.