A Shimmer of Silver

Sterling Silver Beads

    Sterling Silver Beads

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    For our silver beads, we employ oxidization to create contrast effects and imbue them with character. Just like any piece of jewellery left in a box for years, our process of oxidization replicates the natural tarnishing that air has on silver, albeit at an accelerated pace. This oxidation method opens up new design possibilities, allowing our designers to infuse the beads with a unique appearance and remarkable depth.

    You have the freedom to customise our jewellery according to your personality and style. Our diverse selection of silver beads is designed to be compatible with various types of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, making them suitable for both daily wear and special occasions. Additionally, many of our silver pieces can be custom-made in gold.

    Most of our silver Trollbeads are crafted using the ancient 'cire perdu' or 'lost wax' technique, which has been in use for over 3000 years. This method enables the reproduction of fine details from wax to precious metals. The process begins with the sculpting of the design in wax, followed by the casting process, which commences with a plaster model. The wax is melted away, and the silver takes its place. Afterwards, the silver bead is cooled and removed from the cast.

    A thorough cleaning process follows to prepare the bead for oxidization. The oxidized bead is then washed and polished in a tumbler. Thus, the silver prototype is completed, and a new bead comes to life.