People's Uniques

People's Uniques

People’s UNIQUES is an exciting Trollbeads event. The first People's UNIQUES event took place in 2020, where people all over the world sent us images of their favourite UNIQUES glass bead. For the next steps in the event, we have two voting rounds to find the people's favourite six beads. Anyone can sign up and join the event and participate as a contestant or the jury!

People’s UNIQUES are beads chosen by the people, uploaded by people, and voted for by people. The 6 winning beads are then produced as a one-time limited-edition collection and available until sold out. They will not be re-produced again, so get yours while you can.

Here you will find this year's winning beads and the previous year's... if they're still available of course!

Exquisite craftmanship

Handcrafted glass bead

UNIQUES have been created through a joint venture between Lise Aagaard, the founder of Trollbeads, and local communities that are self-sustainable through the artistry of making beads.

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People's UNIQUES Winners of


The winning beads for 2023 are:

Ocean Oysters - Patricia from USA
Spring Provence - Miriam from Italy
Violet Sky - Sue from Australia
Pink Flower - Nadia from Italy
Rainbow Facet - Jenny from Australia
Boccioli Rosa - Alessandra from Italy

People's UNIQUES Winners of


The winning beads from 2022 were:

Dream Azure - Luisa from Italy
Caramel Desire - Serena from Italy
Dove Feathers - Noomi from Italy
Gold Stream - Tano from Italy
Sea Fun - Alessandra from Italy
My Galaxy - Tano from Italy

People's UNIQUES Winners of


The winning beads from 2021 were:

Egyptian Stripe - Kaur from Malaysia
Lily Pond - Nadia from Italy
Blue Grooves Bead - Nadia from Italy
Cosmos Facet - Tano from Italy
Golden Fountain - Raffaella from Italy
Waterfall - Serena from Italy

People's UNIQUES Winners of


The winning beads from 2020 were:

Multicolour Spirograph - Sarah from USA
Flowers of Purity - Serena from Italy
Waves of Sea - Christina from USA
Night Sky Glitter - Antonio from Italy
Traces on Purple - Nadia Luisa from Italy
Everchaning Lotus - Arianna from Italy