Italian Murano Glass

How glass beads are created

Magic colours

Our glass beads are made from the finest Italian Murano glass in an open flame, which adds vibrant colour, lightness and memories to your bracelet, bangle, necklace & rings.

Glass is a truly magical material which mesmerises as it transforms itself into the most unique shapes and colours.

Handmade glass art

The first step in glass production is prepping a steel mandrel with a coat of clay and silica mixture, called “bead release”. Didymium glasses are used to protect the eyes from the light of the flame.

The glass artist carefully heats the tip of a glass rod to its melting point. In its melted state, it can be rolled onto the steel mandrel. Some of the patterns and images are obtained by using various metal tools, to stretch and manipulate the glass and finally shape it into a jewellery bead. It takes precision and control to successfully create the bead.

The designs of the glass beads vary greatly. Some have intricate detailed images, others show beautiful patterns, zirconias or gold leaf. The colours are endless, and pop exquisitely on bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery.

Next steps... from sand to glass rods

Most of the Trollbeads glass comes from Italy. It is imported from Murano, an island close to Venice in Northern Italy. For centuries high quality glass has been produced here. The colour is achieved by adding different substances to the glass, such as copper for a clear marine blue.

Hot & soft - moulding liquid glass

The glass melts somewhere between 600 and 800 degrees, depending on the colour. The glass rod tip changes to a red-hot mass in the open flame.

"Glass is a wonderful material to work with, occasionally the glass will react in a different way than expected inspiring new ideas. This is caused by the chemical reactions of the compounds that give the glass colour. There are endless possibilities with the colours and patterns. It is soothing for the soul and quite mindful to work with glass, you need to take your time and be 100% focused. It is not a process that can be rushed - remember you are working with a flame that’s 900/1000° and melting glass."
– In-house glass artisan Signe Schumann-Sønderskov

Et voilá... a new bead is born, created from craftsmanship perfected through generations.