Gleam of Gold!

The Gold Collection

Trollbeads jewellery is crafted from the finest raw materials, including 18K gold. The brilliance of gold is truly remarkable, and even if it has rested for centuries at the bottom of the sea in an ancient shipwreck, it retains its magnificent, radiant sheen. Gold remains untarnished.

Gold has been the ultimate symbol of power, wealth, and even divinity for millennia. Adorning yourself with Trollbeads gold jewellery will impart a sense of elegance and refinement. Our range of gold jewellery encompasses bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, and exquisite beads, spacers, and clasps. A myriad of stunning designs awaits, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content.

If you find it difficult to choose between silver and gold, why not experiment by combining them on your bracelet or necklace? Both gold and silver jewellery possess their unique allure, but blending these materials can result in a distinctive and personal look.

Gold Bracelet & Bangles

The Trollbeads collection showcases exquisite pieces such as the 14K foxtail bracelet and the stunning 18K gold-plated bangles, available in both plain and twisted designs. The 14K foxtail bracelet combines classic charm with a contemporary twist, offering a sophisticated foundation for adding personal touches with charms and beads.

The 18K gold-plated bangles come in versatile plain and twisted variations, each exuding elegance and luxury. These bangles are perfect for stacking or wearing alone, adding a touch of glamour to any ensemble. With their timeless appeal and meticulous craftsmanship, these Trollbeads pieces are essential additions to any jewellery lover's collection.

Gold Beads

For thousands of years it has been the ultimate symbol of power, wealth and divinity. Yes – we are talking about gold! Our beads are made in 18K gold – the perfect balance of purity and strength. There's nothing quite like gold to elevate your bracelet or necklace to the next level. Most Trollbeads silver jewellery can be specially ordered in gold.

Express your style in countless ways and infuse new enchantment into each day with these miniature works of art. Our gold jewellery makes for an exceptional gift for your loved ones, symbolising your special relationship or marking a significant occasion.

Gold Necklaces

Trollbeads' gold necklaces, including the iconic 14K gold foxtail necklace and the 14K gold fantasy necklace with pearl, epitomise timeless elegance and craftsmanship. The foxtail necklace boasts a classic yet modern design, ideal for showcasing beads and pendants. The fantasy necklace, adorned with a lustrous pearl, exudes sophistication, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. Together, these pieces represent luxury and style, perfect for elevating any jewellery collection.

Gold Clasps

Clasps are the cherries on top. Use one to fasten your bracelet or necklace, and to make your piece of jewellery truly and completely yours!

Gold Spacers

Spacers are our superheroes. Use them to keep your beads in place, or to transform your piece of jewellery from plentiful to lightweight!

Gold Earrings & Earring Pendants

Simply select a pair of earring hooks and start mixing and matching earring drops - now you can wear a new pair every day to suit your mood... and outfit!

Use your earring hooks as the canvas and decorate them with our colourful and highly detailed earring pendants. Switch then up each day to suit your mood... and your outfit!

Gold Craftmanship

As craftsmen, we seek to create jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality, so that our work is considered the standard of excellence.