Fantasy Necklace Size Guide

Adorn and decorate your fantasy necklace with beads and accessories or with nothing at all. Either way this timeless piece will match any style or occasion.
Fit Tips
The Fantasy Necklaces becomes more customizable the longer the length.  
You do not need a lock to fasten this necklace. Trollbeads may be mounted above the pearl/pendant without the use of tools. Wear the necklace with your favourite beads - or no beads at all. 
Gift Tip
The length 80 cm and 90 cm (31.4", 35.4") are most popular.
About Fantasy Necklaces
The Fantasy Necklace is available in .925 Sterling Silver and 14k gold. It comes with either a gemstone, pearl or Sterling silver pendant attached: Malachite, Amethyst, White Pearl, Peacock Pearl, Rose Pearl, Onyx and the Sterling Silver Fantasy Fairy.