Celebrate with our gorgeous Birth Flower collection, beautiful colours of the month, and unique zodiac beads. We have created these charming pieces to help you express yourself, your love, and adoration for all things special.

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Rose of June

June's beautiful and fascinating Rose reflects beauty, curiosity and versatility, symbolising a great depth and richness in character.



    Celebrate with beautiful gemstones, zodiac signs, and special flowers that symbolise birthdays and birth months!

    Birth Flowers

    January: Snowdrop
    February: Violet
    March: Daffodil
    April: Daisy
    May: Buckthorn
    June: Rose
    July: Water Lily
    August: Poppy
    September: Bindweed
    October: Calendula
    November: Chrysanthemum
    December: Narcissus


    January: Dark Red
    February: Purple
    March: Light Blue
    April: White
    May: Green
    June: Orange
    July: Red
    August: Brown
    September: Dark Blue
    October: Pink
    November: Yellow
    December: Turquoise


    Dec 22 - Jan 19: Capricorn
    Jan 20 - Feb 18: Aquarius
    Feb 19 - Mar 20: Pisces
    Mar 21 - Apr 19: Aries
    Apr 20 - May 20: Taurus
    May 21 - Jun 21: Gemini
    Jun 22 - Jul 22: Cancer
    Jul 23 - Aug 22: Leo
    Aug 23 - Sept 22: Virgo
    Sep 23 - Oct 23: Libra
    Oct 24 - Nov 21: Scorpio
    Nov 22 - Dec 21: Sagittarius


    World-class Craftsmanship

    As craftsmen, we seek to create jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality, so that our work is considered the standard of excellence.

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