Terms & Conditions - Double Rewards, Loyalty Scheme

During the Double Rewards campaign, customers will earn double the credit on their Spend & Earn scheme. Double Rewards run from the 10th March until the 13th March 2022. Double Rewards cannot be applied to previous or future orders outside of these dates. During the campaign dates customers will earn £10 with every consecutive £100 spend in a single order. Double Rewards does not apply to the Review & Earn or Refer a Friend scheme. These campaign terms are in addition to our standard Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions (below) which continue to apply. 


The Trollbeads Loyalty Club is a reward program linked to the users' account. Once an account has been created, it is automatically enrolled into the Trollbeads Loyalty Club. Through the Loyalty Club, the user can earn store credit based on their spend, referring friends & reviewing their post-purchase products:

  • Spend & Earn: Earn £5 with every consecutive £100 spent in a single order. If the order is £300, the user will have earnt £15 and so forth. 
  • Review & Earn: After the purchase, the user will be asked to write a review. For every published review, the user will earn £1. 
  • Refer a Friend: Give £5, Get £5. For every successful referral, both will receive £5 in store credit. 

In order to participate in the Loyalty Club and automatically accumulate credit when making a qualifying online purchase when shopping online at www.trollbeads.co.uk you will need to log into your online account prior to completing your online purchase. For in-store purchases, the store clerk will require your account email address.

By logging into your account, you will find your Loyalty Club code (16 digits long). This code is unique to you and your account. You will need this code to redeem your credit at the checkout. Your Loyalty Club code is a promotional loyalty card and not a cheque guarantee card, debit card or credit card. You cannot transfer your credit or any of the stored credit on it to any other person.

The Loyalty Club is only for personal, household and consumer use. Credit can only be earned, held, transferred or redeemed as set out in these terms and conditions, or in the terms relating to any promotions and credit offers related to the Loyalty Club, and may not be earned, held, transferred, redeemed, or otherwise traded in any other way.

If you are given a refund or other financial adjustment on any transaction, the credit awarded on the transaction will be adjusted accordingly. Any refund of items purchased using Credit will be made by crediting the applicable amount of credits back onto account.

Agora House Ltd T/A Trollbeads UK employees, sub-contractors and/or their agents may not participate in the Loyalty Club program. 

We may suspend or terminate the Loyalty Club at any time at our sole discretion and for any reason. In such event you will be notified, and all credit will be suspended or terminated.