Evergreen Divine

The 2021 Winter Collection

"Even in the darkest time of year, evergreens give you promise of new life."

A sweet and divine season is upon us, releasing the inner child and bringing hope & joy. On a cold day, love will warm your heart.
People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Some are made by you and some
feel like sent from heaven. Listen to the messages carrying love and understanding.

Welcome to the Evergreen Divine collection.

Dark & mysterious

Green Goldstone

Heal your heart with this stunning Goldstone bead.



The Poinsettia Bracelets

"Love, hope & goodwill - this is the soul of the poinsettia"

Two stunning limited-edition bracelets available now!

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New Year Fireworks Bead

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Mix & Match

Three cherubs sitting on a bangle.
One is reflecting, one with love and one with all living.
A very romantic and soft styling combining both silver and pearls.

The Neck Bangle is surrounded with multiple Blast of Blue, Ornate of Green, Filigree of Shimmer and Little Precious in gold. In the middle of the Neck Bangle you will find the beautiful Mistletoe in 18K Gold.

Combining Santa’s Elf Lock with Faceted Green Goldstone, Mistletoe, Ruby Zoisite, Northern Lights Magic and Symmetric Spacer in gold. Green and Gold are the perfect combination for Christmas.